Schuller Cyclewerks is a Toronto-based bespoke motorcycle shop.  Meet internationally recognized, award-winning designer Steve Schuller and racing legend/master fabricator, Joe Roy. Schuller's customers stay loyal for they know that the killer combination of both Steve and Joe is an unbeatable,  immeasurable team whose experience, craftsmanship and expertise is second to none. Get the facts below.

Steve Schuller

Steve doesn't fit the traditional mold of what a bike builder might look like - conservative, quiet, unassuming. And that's the way he likes it. Low profile and humble with a focus on what's really important - a superior build, quality work and ultimate customer satsifaction. He takes the grandiose dreams of others and creates real, tangible things. For him, it's always been about the passion for motorcycles and that dream led him to develop advanced fabrication and sophisticated motorcycle technology. His specialized engineering skills have earned the respect of other builders and has been invited to collaborate on their custom builds.

  • Began building model airplanes, cars, ships, motorcycles and spacecraft from age six
  • By age ten, the trend was for kids to extend the forks on their bicycles. He began 'chopping' bicycles to mimic the motorcycle seen in the epic film, " Easy Rider"
  • By age 11, he caught the riding bug and learned to ride motocross
  • At 15, he bought his first car, a 1972 Plymouth Cuda. After experiementing with several different engine and transmission combinations, including a dual quad 440 and dual quad 426 Hemi, he went on to develop many sophisticated, custom supercharger systems for hot rods and race cars Graduated from George Brown College with a 4.0 GPA in Tool + Die and Mechanical Engineering, with a letter of congratulations from the Dean
  • Started working in the tool + die field at his father's shop, Karta Tool & Die, in 1976. He built it in to a highly successful shop with an impeccable reputation for stellar work and going the extra mile for his manufacturer clients. He eventually took it over in 1999
  • Because his workmanship is so precise, he began developing a line of custom target rifles, a bolt action and semi automatic .50 BMG that were later used to win 1000 yard competitions in Canada and the US
  • Opened Industrial Custom Cycle, which was later renamed Schuller Cyclewerks
  • In 2004, Steve built an all aluminum custom chopper "Speeding Billet" that quickly got the Schuller name known across the world for building the first, all billet 7075 aluminum custom chassis. He did not use a CNC machine in the construction of this motorcycle except for the wheels. The bike would go on to win countless shows and appear in magazines all over the world. Read more about Speeding Billet here
  • Regarded as the preferred Canadian curator of infamous, collectable motorcycles built by Matt Hotch, Jesse James, Indian Larry and Billy Lane such as V-Lux, Love Zombie, MissTreated, Money Shot, Psycho Billy Cadillac and Grindhouse. Because of his precise workmanship, he is the trusted source to restore, rebuild and maintain each bike to respectfully preserve the original design of these legendary works of art and to maintain their pedigree.
  • Commissioned by a private collector to build a tribute bike similar to Jesse James infamous copper bike, "Penny Saved", which was not available for sale at the time. The tribute bike was constructed in a slightly more bobber-style with each piece fabricated and custom built
  • Currently commissioned to develop and engineer new hubless wheel technology for a double hubless project in the US
  • He specializes in engineering new and challenging designs for motorcycles and often collaborates with other builders in North America to assist in their complex design projects